Timeline Maker uses a service that needs to be running any time it is. If it is "currently not running". These instructions will need to be  corrected first. You can then activate your software normally if necessary.


You should have administrative privileges.

1.Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services.**

2.Find Protexis Licensing in the list.* Open that.

3.The service must be set to Started and Automatic. Apply any changes and close.

4.Start Timeline Maker. Enter your serial number and click Register Now.

5.Are you able to fill in a form? If not, what happens?


* If Protexis Licensing is not in the list, please restart your computer and reinstall Timeline Maker. Then carry on from Step 4.

**Windows 10 users:    
Here is how to get to the Service you are looking for:

  1.  Go to All Apps.
  2. Scroll to W and find Windows Aministrative Tools and
  3. Click on Services
  4. Find Protexis Licensing in the list and open that.
    • The Startup Type should be Automatic.
    • The Service Status should be Running.
    • OK this.

Start Timeline Maker. 

Antivirus software may prevent the Protexis licensing from getting installed.  Try disabling the antivirus, reinstall.Timeline Maker.  Then prepeat steps 1-4 again. Contact support if there are still problems.