If your serial number does not match the Timeline Maker version you have installed, then you will get this message.

  1. Check with your installation instructions to see which version you purchased and the serial number you are using..
  2. Run Timeline Maker and click Help, About Timeline Maker to verify which version you are running.

Timeline Maker Pro is version 3 and was released after Jan 30, 2015.

or Timeline Maker Professional is version 2 and was released (before Jan 31, 2015) 


Sometimes the problem is a mistaken characters:  You may have a character wrong.   Double check your installation instructions.  

We recommend you copy the serial number and paste it into Timeline Maker.  If you are not sure, the most common mistakes are these:


The number 1 and the letter i

The number 5 and the letter S

The number 2 and the letter Z

The number 8 and the letter B