The date formats for the events can be set for the overall program, or for individual charts.   The Timescale has its own formatting options as well. 

Date formatting:

  • For all new files and charts, go here: FILE, Options, Date, Display Dates As and pick your preference.  This is a global change. If you have an existing chart you want changed, use the next option.
  • On just one chart, go  here: CHART menu, Date Display section, Date Format and pick your preference.  This option is a chart by chart setting. You can have different displays on different charts, ie  no date on the events.   .

Timescale date formatting can be done as follows:

Click the TIMESCALE menu.  Here you will see the various formatting options for the Timescale.  These include Scale options:

  • Click the Timescale button to see the various options for how you want them displayed.  ie Months or Quarters.
  • See the bottom of the list to fine the Options...  Here you can define further by selecting the Calendar or Numeric dates or event the Start and End dates of your timescale.  
  • The program will let you know if you have defined it too extreme so that it will not continue.  ie A chart of several years will not do a timescale in seconds would be too wide, that sort of thing. 

Version 3 and up.