This table lists some solutions to common chronology questions from our  users.

Content or change wanted in the Chronology

Click here:

What happens:

Which columns to show on the chart

Chronology, Show options

Checkmarks indicates what columns are shown.

Change the order of the columns. Dates first, for example.

Event/Task list

Click on column header and drag it to the new position.

Change the order of the rows

Event/Task list

Click on the column header to change A-Z or Z-A order. Rows are ordered by the Start column by default unless another column is sorted.

Some, or all rows included

Event/Task list

Checked rows will be shown.

Title changes


Click in the Title to change it

Footer changes


Click in the Footer to change it.

Width of the columns

Event/Task list

Widen or narrow the columns by hovering your cursor between two column headings until you see the double arrow cursor.  Then hold left mouse button down to drag left or right. 

How to edit in a word processor


Select All. Copy.  Paste into the word processor.  More detailed information here.