Issue:  Are the timescale dates not quite divided up the way you want?   

  • At first creation, Timeline Maker  divides up the timescale to fit neatly on your screen automatically.  Sometimes you want it to look differently or show more or less information in the timescale. 

  • For example,  weeks are shown and you want to see months or vice versa? 
  • Timeline Maker Pro version 3 gives the user some options change from Automatic date to other choices.  See the Home tab.

Solution:  In all versions of Timeline Maker, one or more of these solutions may help you.  

1.  Use the Timescales's Date Display options

  • Create your timeline chart, and then go to the HOME menu.
  • Use the Date Display option sto show various ways to divide up the timeline.  ie Quarterly, or weeks.

Other great options: 

2.  Widen the increments (Expand)  effectively spaces out the chart's timescale, allowing more room for the boxes to print. 

  •  To do this, click on the timescale, then click on the right arrow key on your keyboard.  (Hold it down for faster change.) 
  • OR use the toolbar button to expand  it (see the  --> button). 
  • Sometimes this changes the content, such as years to months, on the timescale.

3.  Decrease the increments. (Compress). 

  • The reverse of #1, you may narrow your chart by compressing it.  
  • Use the Compress button ( <--- ) or your keyboard's left arrow key to narrow the entire chart's timescale.  (Hold id down for faster changes.)
  • Sometimes this changes the content, such as months to years, on the timescale.

4.  Insert Breaks. 

  • Where there are inactive areas of on the timeline, ie no events, you can Insert a Break in many cases. It cuts out that section, shown by a jagged break.
  • To create a break on the timescale, click on it. Run the cursor along it. If it flashes another color, you can insert a break into the chart. Right click and select the option.  To remove a break, right click on the break and choose Delete Break.
  • If you are in th HOME tab, try  the Insert Breaks button.