Timeline Maker Pro does not allow multiple users to edit the same file at once. Therefore an alternate solution must be considered.

Each user will have to have a licensed copy of Timeline Maker on their desktop.

One person should be the Administrator of the file. All others will use this file, and then submit the updated information to be added to it.

The Administrator controls the Master file. (File A).

  1. Any particulars to the file setup will be done by the Administrator. (Such as the Categories to be used and any rules for the data entry for the team.)
  2. Administrator posts the file to the location where the others will retrieve the file.*

The Other users: 

  1. Retrieve and open posted copy of the Master file (File A).*
  2. Save the file as: (File B with Date and user name)
  3. Edit the file.
  4. End of day: Save the file as, clearly marked by date and from which user. 
  5. Send the  file to the Administrator who merges that information into the Master file.

The Merge:

By this method, only the data is imported.The Master file is up to date, and charts in the Master file will be updated with the new information. (Date changes, for example.)

  1. The Administrator will Import the Timeline Maker file  from each user into the Master file. (File, Import, and Browse.  
  2. Pick the File Type for your Timeline Maker file extension (*.TLM4, *.TLM3 or *.TLMP) and select your file.
  3. Select the fields to import into**, ie Event Name, Start date, Category.
  4. As the file is imported, Timeline Maker will strip out duplicate entries and only import the unique ones.
  5. The Administrator can then save this updated Master file.
  6. Repeat for all users.
  7. Post the updated Master file for users.

*There are options in Timeline Maker to open the file in a specific location, and to open the last used file. These may be useful as well.  See Tools, Options.

**Import Tip:  You can map the columns you want imported for the next time to avoid having to select them again.  Choose Save Map and name the file. When you Load the Map, it will use your pre-selected columns.