Is there some way of linking events to a map, so that the location of an event can be displayed on a world map?

Normally, you can include Internet links in the Linked Files area of your events.   (Select the event, then select Insert Linked files and follow the instructions.)

However,  this presents a problem with some sites.  Timeline Maker cannot link directly to some URLs, such as Google Maps places, but PDF files can. So if including the link as an attachment does not work, then use the solution below:


1. In this case, use your favourite browser map site, ie Google Maps, to find the place.

  • For example, search Google Maps for Halifax, NS. The site will  go to the online map.
  • At the beginning of the address you will see your search parameters, followed by a lot of other information that is not needed..
  • In the address, copy the first part, including the place
  • In Timeline Maker, paste the location in your place column, for example. .(This is what will be sent to your browser when clicking the link. )
  • This sets up your file.

2. Create a chart. You will have to include Place in your chart contents.

  • (Select all events, and choose Format, event, Contents) Include Place.

3. Next, create a PDF file of your chart which shows the links in it

  • Click File, Publish, PDF Document.
  • Make any changes to size, fit to page, etc.

With your completed PDF chart, the links can be accessed by clicking on them. Once at the link location, use your mouse wheel, browser's zoom or the site's zoom as needed.

We've included an example PDF chart. Hover your mouse over the internet link and click on it.