Sometimes users change the file paths to the linked documents.  While changing a few can be done when editing the links in Timeline Maker, this is not practical for users who have dozens or hundreds of linked documents. 

We have two simple solutions!

In cases where it cannot locate the linked document, Timeline Maker is designed to look for linked documents in the same folder as the file.    

Solution A:  Use our Package for Sharing option to move all the documents files and the Timeline Maker Pro file at the same time. 

  1. To create the file, click on File, Package for Sharing and follow the instructions.
  2. To use the file, open it in Timeline Maker Pro. (It will have a big black Z over top the Timeline Maker Pro file icon.
  3. Give instruction on where you want the files placed.  Both  the timeline file and all the documents are relocated into into the same folder.
  4. A check of your links will show they now have the new file path.
  5. Save the file.  The new file path will be embedded in it.  consider using Save As and giving it a new name.


Solution B:   Use this option if your files are already moved and you just need the Timeline Maker file to have the new links.  In order for this to work, the idea is that original path to the linked files is not available causing Timeline Maker to look elsewhere for them.

  1. Close Timeline Maker.
  2. Copy your Timeline Maker file and Paste into the new location where all the documents are.
  3. Open Timeline Maker. Open the file in its the new location.
  4. Check a link. It should now be going correctly to the new file path. You may notice the file takes a bit longer to find each file at first, then it will open it. (It has to recognize that the old path is not working and then look in the same location at the timeline file.)   Check several links to confirm that the link changed
  5. Save the file.  The new file path will be embedded in it. Consider using Save As and giving it a new name.

When you are satisfied that the links are working correctly, you can move your file if you need to.