Timeline Maker requires a service to be running anytime that Timeline Maker is.  If it is not, valid users can suddenly get an Expired message.

Cause:  The most likely cause is that a service has been turned off during computer maintenance. 

Solution:   Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services


Check to see if Protexis Licensing is installed in the list of services.*

Right click on it and choose Properties.  

Check if it is set to Started and Automatic.  

If it is not, be sure these are turned on and click Apply.

Restart Timeline Maker. 


*  If Protexis Licensing is missing from this list, please launch this direct install:

Browse to the installed program folder, ie C:\Program Files\TLM Professional\Protexis

and try to launch the EXE file located within it.

Restart Timeline Maker. 

If Timeline Maker does not run correctly, contact: Timeline Maker Support and report the exact text of any error messages