Yes, there are a few options to send a timeline to another person:

1) Publish the timeline chart – Using the Publish feature (File > Publish) you can save a timeline chart as a PDF file or as an image (GIF, BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG),  or HTML file 

2) Send by email:

Timeline Maker Pro (version 3):  Click File, Share, Send by Email -  A PDF version of your chart will be sent.

Timeline Maker Professional (version2): click File > Send to > Mail Recipient – When viewing a timeline select the “Send to E-mail” feature and this will launch your e-mail client with a copy of your timeline chart in JPG format attached to the e-mail.

3) Send the timeline file – You can send the timeline file and ask the recipient to download the free Timeline Maker Viewer

This will allow them to view, print or present the timeline file. They will not be able to change the timeline file with the Viewer.  They can also see the charts in PowerPoint from the Timeline Maker menu.

Timeline Maker version 3 users will have to show their files in PowerPoint until the free Timeline Maker Viewer  has been updated to show these files. Run PowerPoint and use the Timeline Maker menu to insert your interactive chart(s).