We  invite you and your teams to try out Timeline Maker. It has all the functionality of the full program with the exception of a watermark on the reports. Any files you create will be usable after purchase. See our main page to download the trial.

1. How will you be able to incorporate my information into Timeline Maker's data entry?

  • Either enter the information in Timeline Maker or
  • Export your Excel file as a CSV file.
  • Import this file into Timeline Maker.   (See 3)
  • Click the Timeline Chart tab. This is your chart.    Further customize the chart to various preferences from here, such as moving events around by dragging them.

2. Quickest way to show the chart?   Save your chart in PDF format to send to anyone to view.

  • Show in Timeline Maker in presentation mode by pressing F5. 
  •  Send a PDF by publishing the chart to PDF.

3.  Where can I find information on Import process?.

4. Cost:

Should you have any further questions, please let us know.