Timeline Maker does not allow for more than one person editing the file at the same time.  For those needing to edit the file, there is a solution.  See Working with others on a single timeline file using Timeline Maker Pro

For those  who only need to read the file, with the help of Timeline Maker Viewer this can be done.

For example, the company puts the file on the server.  One person is in charge of editing that file using Timeline Maker Pro.  The rest of those needing that information may use the free Timeline Maker Viewer without editing anything.  More than one person can be viewing the file at the same time because it is in read only mode in Timeline Maker Viewer.  Keep in mind, that once the file is in use (being edited), the file would have to be closed and reopened to get to see the updated information.  The person editing the information must be aware that the others will not see the new information unless it has been saved and the others have reopened the file..

There are some useful options in this situation for both the Timeline Maker Professional and the Timeline Maker Viewer user to be aware of :

Make changes in the user preferences to override default  saving locations  (Professional) and browsing locations (for both)  to the file(s) on the server:

Timeline Maker Professional user:

Tools, Options, General Tab                 Open Last Used file (Starts up with the file ready)

Tools, Options, File Locations Tab      File Locations   (Browse to the file location where all will be accessing the file)