I have a question regarding the user information before I purchase your software. What does user mean? Does it mean I can only download the software one time, onto one computer if I only pay for one user? Or does it mean that I only have one login account for the software?

  • When you purchase an Individual (one user) perpetual license you are entitled to install and use Timeline Maker on one computer. The Individual (one) user license is a special case, however, as it does permit you to install on a second computer that you own so long as you are the only user. This is done to accommodate the fact that many users have both a desktop and laptop computer. 
  • Similarly a five user  or any multi-user license will allow you to install and run Timeline Maker on  the number of computers the license was purchased for. 
  •  If you have purchased a Project (Term) license, then it can only be installed on one computer for one  year. It will expire after that. 

Once the software has been installed and activated you are not required to login account to use it.