Issue:  I want to use the Chronology in Word, for further editing.  But it gets all mixed up.   Is there a way to do this?

Yes, you can copy and paste the Chronology into Word.  Here is a solution one user found helpful.

Solution:   These steps were done in Word 2007.  You may have to modify it slightly for later versions.

 It involves copying the Chronology Report and pasting it into Word and converting it to a table to get what you need. (I used Word 2007)

1. In the Chronology, Edit, Select All.

2. Edit, Copy.

3. Open a Microsoft Word document and change the page layout to landscape.

4. Paste.

5. Edit, Select All

6. Insert Table (choose the dropdown table menu)

7. Convert Text to table.

The resulting table will allow you to resize,  delete columns  and rows,  and complete further edits as needed.

Here is an example of the finish product,  pasted into an email:  

Mirror Lake Ski Accident

Event Name

Start Date


Accident reported by cell phoneAccident reported by cell phone

25 Jul 2005

Cell Phone Records

Accident occurs

25 Jul 2005

Water Ski Patrol Accident Report

Patient arrives at Lakeside Clinic

25 Jul 2005

Water Ski Patrol Accident Report

County Ambulance request and arrival

25 Jul 2005

Lakeside Clinic Medical Reports