Issue:   It doesn't seem that I can enter dates in the YYYY-MM-DD format e.g., 2012-09-22. Am I right in reading the help in this way?  

I have set Windows 8 to display YYYY-MM-DD in short form as a default but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Can you help me?

  1. You can enter the information numerically format as you are used to. ie 2012-09-14 (Including the separators or spaces)
  2. However, after the date entry is complete, the display will be the display as set in Options.
  3. Timeline Maker's Options* for date display  have only two options for reporting the date.  These are dd-mmm-yyyy or mmm-dd-yyyy.

Improved:  Timeline Maker Pro has many ways to display the dates in the Timeline Data tab and within the  events on the charts. First, in Options, you can determine which way you want to see the dates right up front.  Go to File, Options, Date.  Choose your display option under Display Date As.

If you require another display on any particular chart, here is how to do it: This a setting for the individual charts.  . There 19 date and time display options available.. You must click on an event to see the "Show" option.

* Fr BC date enter BC dates like this:  A four digit year followed by BC or B.C.  ie 0400 BC.  Go to File Options if you want to make a change.