Issue:        An event exists but is not shown on the chart.

Solution 1:  Go to the Timeline Data tab (Version 4 and 3) or Event Entry tab (Version 2). The check mark must be present in order for the event to show in the chart. 

Look to the left of the Event.

Be sure there is a check mark  in the box indicating it is to be included. 

If your check mark is present, but greyed out, see Solution 3.

Solution 2:  The event must be properly entered.

An event must have a date and an event name to appear on the chart.

Solution 3: Is a manual date range outside the event's date?

If a manual date range is in place, check to see that your event  date is not outside the date range for the chart.

  • Click on the Timescale, click Scale, Timescale Options.  Check the  "On this chart date settings." (Version 3 and 4). 
  •  OR Click Timescale, Date Range  (Version 2)

Quick check for all versions:  

  • Look below the events or the chart to the status bar.  
  • Double click on the lock to check the start and end date of the chart. Change the date range if needed.