Issue:  Inherently, Timeline Maker  uses a different color to differentiate between categories.  What if categories with colors are not the focus for the data on the chart?  For example, categories are present but not needed.  Color might, however,  still be very useful when something important happens in the chart overall.


Solution 1: On a busy chart, grey most of the events, and only show color for  items of interest.  

1.  Use a Black & White theme.

In the Theme List, find a Black & White theme.

Click Apply.

In the chart, Select all events.

In the Style selector, drag a light grey color to any selected event.

All events will get the same color.

2. Apply special colors as needed.

Click another Theme with with the same shape.

Drag a color to the event you want highlighted.  (ie red or green)

Optional:  Remove the Legend.

Click Format, Legend.  
Remove the check mark beside Show Legend.


Here is an example of a chart showing steady activity, but emphasizing some special events. 

Additional Information:   See another example in Flag Chart, fanning out tips.