Issue:  I want a bigger display on the timeline chart.  What do you suggest? (fonts, overall chart, chart layout, page size)

Solutions: Any of the options below will help you. Review this list before you make your changes. The advantage here is you might want to just use the file with your colleagues, zooming as you wish and never having a paper copy at all 

• To make the entire chart larger when viewing the chart, click on View, Zoom

• To make the entire chart larger when printing:

o Version 3 users will click File, Print.  The purpose of making a temporary file is that you may find that your chart would look better if you could adjust something on the chart.

o Version 2 users will print to the selected printer instead. Print Preview will show you how the chart will look before printing. The options below still apply.

Next, click File, Print. A PDF print Setup window will be presented.

• Change the paper size in the drop down box to your preferred size. Choose custom if you wish to specify the size.

• Remove the checkmark beside "Fit to one page". (Over to the left). This allows you to see the chart dimensions exactly.

• This also allows you to see how many pages it will print on. The (number of pages wide by number of pages tall.)

• Then Print. It prints to a temporary folder so you can see how it looks in PDF.

If it is not quite right, go back and make some more adjustments to your chart and try again.

Suggestions include:

• Moving some events, or the legend further upward on the chart. If the events on the bottom are moved up, the entire chart may be able to print on smaller paper, or to a larger scale.

• Expand or compress the timescale. Reposition events if you want.

• Increase the title, event and timescale font sizes. (Good for overall bigger display within the chart dimensions.