Issue:  I am preparing for a presentation of a chart of part of my timeline, with only selected entries.

Is there a way to do this from my one, huge timeline , or is it necessary to copy the entries I want to have in my presentation into a new timeline for this purpose?

Solution:  You do not have to make a new file. Rather, you can make another chart in your  file for the program to use.

The idea is to have another chart, and only include that new chart in your presentation.

1. Make your presentation chart.

Click Chart, New Timeline Chart. All events (Version 2.2.54 and earlier).  All events are always shown in version 2.6.41 and later.

A new chart will be shown on the left..  (This is the Chart List)

2.  This is the chart you will use.  You will edit it to show only the events you want.

But first, name your presentation chart.  Do this by right clicking on the thumbnail chart and choose Rename.  

Giving it a name helps when  you have several charts to pick from for your PowerPoint presentation.

3.  At this point you have too much information.   We will remove the events you don't want.

You will hide (not delete) the items. The remaining items are what you want.

Click on Event Entry.  Click Edit, Select All.  Click Format, Hide.  This removes all the checkmarks.

Click Edit, Search/Select.  Choose a date range of 1846-1864 for example.  Ok.

Click Format, Show. All events in 1846-1864 will be on your chart.

Further removal or addition of checkmarks may be needed as you see fit.

4. Now click the Timeline Chart tab..

If necessary, click Format, Auto-Arrange to re-sort the appearance of your chart.

5. Finally, you don't want the other charts in your presentation.

 You can tell it to not show a chart.  

Right click on it in the Chart list and remove the check mark beside Show in Presentation.

You new chart is ready with only the events you want.