This message is received whenever Timeline Maker detects the licenses are all in use during the installation process.

Option 1: Purchase additional licenses.   Additional licenses can be purchased and can be used on whichever computer you specify, using your original serial number.  The price for the licensing reduces as the number of additional licenses goes up.


To get your reduced rate, this would have to be done by contacting our Order Desk at 1-800-850-0122. Please have your serial number ready to assist the operator.

Option 2: Transfer your license when you go to another computer


The idea is to uninstall from the computer you are retiring first. This creates a deactivation record in our system and room for another installation. 

Then all you need to do is install it to the new one and use your serial number. Repeat this process when switching to the new computer.  

Tip:  Do NOT use any old activation codes you were sent.


If this process does not work, submit a support ticket t our Timeline Maker Support Portal..