Problem:  After making changes in the event entry, my events don't show  a new category color.  Why and how can I fix it?

Cause: Often, the first time you look at a chart, you are just taking a peek at how it will look, but you are not done your data entry.  You are in charge of your chart and Timeline Maker does not want to make changes to it in case you wanted this look.  In other words, it does not change colors unless you tell it. So if, for example, you changed  from one category to another, but the event had been viewed earlier on the chart, it will keep the previous color.


Go to your chart and select one or more events. 

Version 3 users:  Click to the Themes tab on the right.  Look below the list of themes.

Version 2 users:  Look below the chart

Find the color sample you want to use.  Right click on it and choose
Apply to Selected, or 
Apply to Category and choose the category. 

Repeat as needed.

Version 2 example: