Once your chart is made, it is also ready to Present.

Viewing Presentations

Once you've got your presentation set up you can view it by selecting Chart, Presentation from the menu or by clicking the View Presentation icon on the Chart List toolbar. presicon

This will open your presentation in a slide show mode. You can navigate through the presentation using your Arrow keys on your keyboard. To return to Timeline Maker Professional, press the Esc key. Alternatively, a handy toolbar is included to facilitate navigation

Note: During Presentation, the toolbar is located in the bottom center of your chart, but by default is set to Auto Hide. To access the toolbar slide your mouse to the bottom center of your chart. 

To make adjustments to how your Presentation appears:

Every time you create a new bar or flag chart it is saved in your Chart List to the extreme left. If you do not see it, click the Chart List tab to expand it.  You can specify different presentation options for each chart on the chart list, or do nothing and try the default options all ready for you.

The order of the charts in the list is the sequence which they will be shown in the presentation. 

  • To rearrange your charts, click on a chart and drag it to the desired position. Repeat as necessary. If you do not wish to include a chart in your presentation, but do not want to delete it, right-click on the chart and select Show in Presentation. A check mark indicates the chart will be included.
  • All charts are automatically given the name "Untitled." To assign a more meaningful title, right-click on the chart and select Rename.
  • You can also delete or duplicate a chart by right-clicking on it and selecting the appropriate option.

Several options are available for customizing the way your chart is displayed in the presentation. To access these options, right click on the chart in the Chart List and select Presentation Options, then select the desired option. A check mark indicates the option has been activated for the chart. 

These options include:

  • Fit Height: Scales the chart so that the chart height fills the window.
  • Step Through: Displays an empty chart so that you can display the events one at a time.
  • Order (by Time, by Category): Enables the user to choose between presenting the events in the order they occurred or by category.
  • Justify (Right, Center): Used for positioning of chart when the active event would otherwise be off screen. Center shows the active event in the horizontal center of the chart. Right positions the chart so that active event is on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Highlight (None, Glow, Fade): Fade lightens events not in focus so that the active event is prominent, while Glow highlights the active event with a yellow outline. None displays the event without any added effects.