To save your chart as  PDF file, do the following:

  1. Be viewing your chart. 
  2. Click Home, Publish, PDF (Timeline Maker Pro, version 3)
  3.  or File, Publish to PDF.(Timeline Maker Professional, version 2)
  4. You will be asked to give the file a name and choose the save location.
  5. Next, choose how you want your chart published:
  • Select the options for page size.  If you choose the Custom page size, then you have the opportunity to tell the program what size 'paper' you want it published to.  (Timeline Maker can publish to any size paper.)  After choosing Custom, see the area below for specifying the page size, ie 24 x 36. Next, two of the most popular options,  select fit to one page and center chart.
  • Click OK.  Your chart will be published in PDF format.  

This is the PFD file you can share with your colleagues, or send to your print shop for printing in large format if you like.  Tip: Check with your print shop for sizes available.